Tuesday, December 23, 2014

5 and 6 months

I've really been slacking with everything but I figured I should do a quick update on Raleigh!

Raleigh is now 16lbs at 6 months.

She has learned to crawl backwards. She rolls all over the room.
She loves talking to Momma and being vocal.
She is scared of people with mustaches. (aka my Dad)
She loves Mesa and Kimber.
She loves her bouncer.
She LOVES watching TV.
She still hates carrots. She tolerates bananas. She sometimes doesn't mind rice cereal. She thinks pears are okay. She just loves bottles.
Playing with Daddy's beard is the best. Ripping out chunks of Mommy's hair is also enjoyable.
Playing on Mommy's Ipad is also cool.
She can hold her own bottle.
She can sit up on her own (When she feels like it)
Farting in church is a lot of fun (and having others blame it on Mommy and Daddy.)
Pulling her own hair/Playing with her own hair is pretty fun.
Putting everything in her mouth is great too.
Watching Aunt Bella do the "Happy Dance" makes her laugh.
Seeing other babies also makes her laugh (a lot)
Carseats are the devil.
Music is awesome.

(Pictures to come soon!)

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