Thursday, May 7, 2015

My baby is growing up! Milestones, boo boos, and giggles.

Raleigh is growing up way too fast! Months fly by. Next month she will be ONE.

Here are some facts about her.

She JUST at 10 months got her first tooth. Momma is not pleased with having to deal with a teething, grumpy baby. Luckily it's not every day!

She learned to say Momma but sadly only does it when she is crying and wants me.
She says "Ra Ra" but won't do it on command.
She just learned to wave and loves playing peakaboo.
She makes a weird noise/word thing where it sounds like she's saying "giggle, giggle, giggle, giggle" over and over and over.

Raleigh has developed such a spunky and stubborn personality. If she sets her mind to something she wants she goes and gets it. She loves putting her fingers up peoples noses and in their eyes and ears.

Her head is like an anvil I swear. When she falls it always seems to be head first! So sadly she has bumped her head into the floor, book shelf, stair railings and so many other things. This however doesn't stop her from when sitting on your lap with no warning throws her head back.

She LOVES food, some of her favorites are, chicken, yogurt, tomatoes(ew) cheerios, hamburger, macaroni and cheese and basically anything. (except strawberries must get that from her Dad)

Raleigh is OBSESSED with Elmo. If he isn't on Sesame Street she won't watch it and as soon as he shows up she is hooked.

No walking yet (thank goodness) but she has already figured out how to get into pretty much everything I don't want her to.