Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Being a sister to a sister.

Decided to post this because I started missing my sister. This little six year old girl is awesome. She's crazy and a girlie girl and pretty happy most of the time. When you're around her you can never be bored or lonely. She takes care of me when I'm sick and makes me laugh when I'm sad. Some of the things that come out of her mouth... Prob has to do with my influence. Sometimes I think she's older than six other times I think she's two. She's lived through more than a lot of people will ever experience. And she's just a little girl. I'm so happy that she will be part of my family and hopefully this year sealed to my family.

Being a married student.

  Being a married student is something I honestly never thought I would do. But I guess that's what happens when you fall in love and want to be with someone forever. (too cheesy?) In all seriousness it is one of the strangest things. Maybe it's because of the thick Mormon culture, of a mostly Mormon community, at a Mormon university, but it's still strange to me how little people think it's strange to be married here, and be a student. Any girls I know my age that are married from back home is because they are also a mother, and the mothering part came first. I guess to them  I do things in a backwards order?
  Being married here is something that is so different than the rest of my college experience. For instance, I'm actually being responsible and doing my homework. (Mostly this is because I don't have the distraction of a boy anymore) I've found when you're with someone all the time the less distracting they may be. (*side note: this however is not the same case with children*) It's not that you necessarily get bored of them, you just get used to their company. But being single sure is a lot more eventful than being married. Now I have to actually care about the important things more.
  Okay, I think I'm done with my tangent.

New Events in Luke and Kate's Ever-After.

School started and we moved into a duplex on the outskirts of Rexburg right next to the drive in movie theater. It's a lot of fun to live on our own and do our own thing. It's also a lot easier to have a roommate that I already love.

Fun things we've done.

Our Honeymoon in Estes Park, Colorado.

We climbed to the top of this hill to see the view! So pretty. 

4th of July, waiting to watch the fireworks.

I forced him to go to Casa Bonita with me. (He had never been)
Don't worry the food is still as gross as ever.

We went camping! (:

Camping at Kenosha Pass.

It looked like Ireland up there.

Luke and I went to Yellowstone, he had never been.
He told me to smile, I said no.

We made a trip to Utah and Luke got to meet his nephew Liam! 

Then we went and explored SLC.

Liberty Park.

Our last stop in the Utah trip was going to the Brigham City Open house. We hadn't planned on going and so we had no church clothes. We were the most undressed people there. But all together it was beautiful!!! 

We went to a demolition derby this past weekend. It was so fun! I want to go to another one so bad! 

We've almost been together for a year coming up on the 23rd and that is also when our 3 month anniversary is. (: