Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FAQ and pregnancy update!

1. Are you getting excited? 
Yes. No. Maybe. Depends on the second? Most of the time yes, I can't wait to hold my baby.

2. Is it a girl or a boy?
It is a GIRL! And she still is a girl so far! 

3. What's her name?
Still not telling. You can just call her Baby "R".

4. How are you feeling?
Well currently I'm getting over having pink eye in both eyes, while having a cold/allergies and having high blood pressure concerns so not the greatest but it could be worse. Right now I'm on restrictions of moving too much, not total bed rest but close enough. No more fun adventures for me for a while! 
I don't want to be sent to the hospital again for having ridiculously high blood pressure (155/102) or any other bad thing I can avoid. 

5. When are you due?
I'm due July 8, 2014 but if my conditions worsen I'll be induced possibly in June. 

6. Isn't being pregnant just the best? 

Honestly, I don't love it. There are some moments where I'm super thrilled I am but most of the time no. Which makes me feel guilty sometimes because I know so many people who are praying to be in this situation of being pregnant. 

7. Where are you registered?
Target is where the cool kids go. ;) 

8. Do you have everything you need?

Crib. check
High chair. check
Stroller and car seat. Check check 
Baby clothes. CHECK. (Baby "R" has been so spoiled in this area!)
Play yard/play pen (whatever they call them now) check
Blankets check

Basically  we have been very blessed with awesome friends and family who have spoiled our little girl. All that's left now is the very practical (often "boring" but essential) things most people don't think about when you think of cute babies! (Bottles, wipes, pacifiers, crib sheets, booger suckers, random hygiene baby things, socks)

9.How far along are you? 

I'm currently 32 weeks (at the time of writing this blog post I was 32 weeks however by the time I posted it I'm now 33 weeks) 

10.Any cravings?

The blue baby bottle pops. I want them all the time. Oh and strawberries and oreos. At least the strawberries are healthy! 

11. Weirdest things I've done?

I cry all the time. About stupid things. Happy things. I just cry.