Monday, February 2, 2015

7.5 Months

Raleigh is getting so big! I've been really slacking on updating my blog about Raleigh but that's because things have been going a million miles an hour! I quit my job a few weeks ago and now have the opportunity to stay home with her. I am loving being a full time mommy so far.

She's 26.5 inches tall and 18 lbs! She is wearing 9m-12m clothes! (Make her shrink!)

We had a great Christmas, Raleigh was very spoiled by Santa. :) this is raleigh with her uncle Tyler! 

Raleigh learned to crawl a few weeks ago! Now my days consist of finding out what's on the floor that she can get to before she eats it.

Raleigh loves the dogs and now that she can crawl to them, they don't appreciate it. haha

No teeth yet!

She hates pretty much everything besides formula. Its to the point where I have to mix apple juice sometimes with it so it can keep her regular. The only foods she doesn't immediately spit out is avocados and bananas!

She still loves her tongue like a crazy little baby!

She also loves (eating) zippers and hoodie drawstrings.

Even when she's sick ske has happy moments! 

Luke and Kate Spot: 

We have been loving being parents! We don't get much alone time now but we did go rescue my friend in Wyoming! It gave me a good excuse to replenish my fireworks hoard :)