Monday, October 14, 2013

The Past Idk like YEAR

I'm a major slacker when it comes to updating this thing but when I read similar things in other peoples blog entries I don't feel as bad.

Last year Luke and I went to Fall and Winter semester at BYU-Idaho and we decided we were tired of working like a bunch of slaves and barely working at minimum wage with stupid hours so we left. We came to Colorado! (:

For those of you who know me well know how obsessed I am with this state. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Colorado and I am so glad to say I am from here. (Although I was technically born in Alabama, whatever)

Luke and I have both been working for the past six months while living at his parents house to save up money. What for? A house! I never thought I would be a homeowner at age 21 but God has blessed us so greatly. The home is nothing too fancy but it's not a crap hole either and those were my standards. It's 2 bath 3 bed house with a kitchen and living room and garage which Luke is most excited about.

We have yet to move in and this has been such a trial of my patience because I am not a patient person. We get to move in on Oct 18! (Cross your fingers that everything works out well)

Both Luke and I have had a ton of stuff going on be it work or the fact that we are doing online school through BYUI to finish up our degrees. Should be an interesting semester!

This summer luckily Luke and I had a ton of opportunities to have fun! From camping, to boating and then going to Florida which was the highlight of my summer. I seriously fell so in love with Florida and want to go back now so badly! (I hate the humidity though and could never consider it as a viable place to live unless I was five min from the beach)

Now here is the photo explosion of our trip.

Us mormons do it right in a 15 passenger van! 

 Kennedy Space Center
 Bella and I (:


And Lastly All the siblings and I went to Elich's this September! It was so fun to have a sibling day like that.