Friday, August 22, 2014

2 Months! *Updated*

Just thought I would do a quick post on Raleigh turning 2 months! This little girl is my whole world and leaving her to go to work everyday has been the hardest thing! Good thing she's the best smiler! We got to bless her at church last Sunday but I was so bad about taking pictures! ): I'll have to get some from the people that were there! 

Not sure how much she weights or how tall she is yet her 2 month check up isn't until two weeks! I will post an update when I get it. 

Some of her favorites: Mommy and Daddy, her swing, her binky and lately her tongue. 

I'm so grateful for this little baby!!! I love her so much! 

Raleigh is weight is perfect for her age says her doctor she weighs 11lbs 5oz she is in the 25% percentile for her weight. 
She is 22.5 inches tall. 
and her head is 15 3/4 inches diameter and in the 75% percentile. Can't believe that she has such a big head! Gets it from her Beckett side of the family! 

She is such a talker lately and has started to copy noises we make. I love her little giggles.